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Count on Us for Roof Inspections in the Tyler, TX Area

Well, even the most durable, high-end roofs wear down over time. Wind, UV rays, hail, ice, and various other inclement weather conditions can certainly take a toll. Over time parts of your residential or commercial roof can get damaged. If the damage isn’t caught in time, the problem could escalate and become not only dangerous but expensive to fix. 

While an annual inspection can prevent a lot of problems, it can sometimes be difficult to spot damage that arises after a storm unless there’s a telltale sign like a roof leak. If you’re concerned that your roof sustained damage for any reason, give Ascent Roofing Tyler a call. We’ll make any necessary repairs, keeping your roof maintained and functional for many years to come. 

What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

Ascent Roofing offers comprehensive roof inspections to ensure no problem goes unnoticed. Of course, if you have special considerations just let us know. Otherwise, we will check: 

  • The appearance of your roofs exterior surfaces
  • Insulation
  • The physical condition of your roofs interior surfaces
  • For evidence of damage (missing granules, discoloration, mold and mildew, dents, cracks, etc.)
  • The condition of surrounding fascia, drains, gutters, skylights, chimneys, and vents
  • Ventilation
  • The flashing and roof valleys
  • Ice shields and damns

Upon the completion of our roof assessment, Ascent’s roofing contractors will detail a report disclosing our findings and educate you about your options for resolving the roofing issue. Call and schedule your roof inspection today! When you work with Ascent Tyler, we’ll not only fix your problem but inform you of ways to better protect your residential or commercial roof in the future. 

Is It Time to File a Claim?

Don’t call your insurance company just yet! Filing an insurance claim can be tricky and unless you’re working with a public adjuster, you might struggle to get paid what you’re owed. That’s why we recommend that you let us help you throughout the process. We will relieve some of the filing burdens and get you the payout you deserve. 

Residents of East Texas can rely on us for storm damage roof inspections and annual assessments. Our team is experienced and you can count on us to: 

● Determine the extent of the damage
● Take photos and measurements of the damaged areas
● Keep your insurance adjuster updated about the repair process

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Count on Us for Roof Inspections in the Tyler, TX Area

After a storm blows through, carefully inspect your roofscape for damage from the safety of the ground. This method isn’t perfect but it’s the best way to keep you safe. If you notice any obvious signs of disrepair or you have reason to believe your roof sustained damage, give us a call. 

As a part of our roof maintenance services, we’ll evaluate the state of your roof and recommend long-lasting solutions for any problem areas. Our professionals have a keen eye for details and have a demonstrated history of providing our customers with excellent feedback. You won’t be disappointed!

Call now to schedule free roof inspections for your home or business in Tyler, TX, or surrounding areas!